Establishment of an Alliance and Center of Competence

  • Skills alliance “Technologies and Management of Water, Wastewater, Waste and Circular Economy” for qualifications in SMEs, formed by VET institutions, chambers of commerce and universities/colleges from six EU countries and process-oriented expanded to involve other educational actors, public administrations, supply and disposal companies etc.
  • Expansion of the skills alliance “Technologies and Management of Water, Waste water, Waste and Circular Economy” to 13 countries by involving 50 chambers of commerce and SME associations as well as 18 universities/universities of applied sciences/colleges.
  • Transformation and continuation of the alliance into a Baltic Sea Region-wide centre of competence “Eco Innovation”, which promotes long-term cooperation between educational and economic actors, develops and implements qualifications and process R&D tasks.
  • Tested and evaluated curriculum and teaching materials for a Train the Trainer course for vocational school teachers, trainers in SMEs and lecturers in further and higher

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